Rashida Jones as Janet Van Dyne

    Janet Van Dyne is heiress to the Van Dyne corporation, known for their advancements in bio-fuel and providing easily accessible agricultural resources for developing countries. Janet and her husband, Hank Pym, one of the top scientists at SHIELD’s biotechnology division has worked closely with Nick Fury, to form the Avengers Initiative. After witnessing the death of her father by an extraterrestrial, Van Dyne thought it appropriate to help bring together a group of remarkable people with extraordinary capabilities to protect humanity.

Janet not only walks the catwalk as a charming spokeswoman for Van Dyne Inc. but also takes flight as a part-time superhero.





Most of the assholes who scream “Blue Lives Matter” have never heard of any of these heroes. They’re too busy defending murderers like Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaleo, and Timothy Loehmann.

“Not all cops are bad.” No shit. The cops shown in the photo are good cops, and there are many more like them. So why are you only defending the bad cops?

Didn’t include one of the most egregious cases of all, the time the NYPD had a cop involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital. He was released after a week when the doctors determined he was fine and not ill in any way. He had reported fellow cops for brutality.

The officer’s name is Adrian Schoolcraft and the hospital still billed the family.

Notice they’re mostly women, people of color, and elder people.