Fitting with the “Protect the Future” and “Change the Future” taglines seen in the teasers, the crux of the “Civil War II” conflict revealed thus far is on whether or not heroes should, when granted the ability, stop crime before it happens – with Captain Marvel on the pro side, and Iron Man opposed.

God this sounds so asinine.

Literally this whole thing should be resolved by someone watching Minority Report which makes it really clear that it is a bad thing to stop someone from committing a crime they hypothetically  might commit.

If you know the Absorbing Man is gonna blow up the White House, why not UP security and keep tabs on him thus preventing him from committing his crime instead of arresting him for something he hasn’t done which any rationale person with any working knowledge of the law will tell you is super unethical. It isn’t even like these people are PLANNING on committing a crime right? And if they are then that IS illegal and you can arrest them the same way counter terrorist operations work.

And I’m disgusted that they’d put Spider-Man on the side that says “Yeah stop them before they do the crime.” It’s not hard to see where the politics of this thing will fall. Iron Man is on the ‘good/liberal’ side and Carol is not. Just like Cap was on the ‘good/liberal’ side in Civil War I and Tony was not. I don’t see Steve being all for this either but I can see them spinning it like “If I knew what Hitler was gonna grow up to be I would’ve stopped him.”

Just like I’m prepared for them to spin Spider-Man as “If I knew what the burglar was gonna do…” Which would be bullshit because the whole point was that Spider-Man should’ve just stopped the burglar (who was in the middle of committing a crime in the first place) because it was the right/responsible thing to do just inherently.

Peter however is NOT gonna be the type of person to infringe on anyone’s civil liberties outside of special circumstances and punish someone innocent for a crime they haven’t actually committed. Maybe taking humane preventative measures but not like imprisoning them.

I’m gonna have to give this one a hard pass.

I’m not the biggest Spider-Man fan, but I don’t believe he’d take this side. I’m certain the following characters wouldn’t:

  • Captain America – Steve “anytime authority becomes dubious, I drop the mantle and pick up a new name” Rogers? Never.
  • Winter Soldier – Bucky’s been brainwashed and forced to murder. I’m pretty sure he can see the shades of gray in guilt and innocence. 
  • She-Hulk – Jen is a goddamn lawyer, and one who breaks the fourth wall, at that. She of all people should know this is fucky. 

And do we have to put Carol on the asshole side again? Her character has been written so inconsistently that I can’t call it out of character, but could Marvel stop screwing their premiere female character? Please?

Idea for Marvel: Instead of twisting all of your characters to make the story work, develop the story around how your characters would actually behave (you have some lengthy publication histories to go on).


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