What began as a one-off tie-in mini-series to the DC Comics event Infinite Crisis in 2005 became something far, far greater. Pairing up some of the DCU’s bottom-of-the-barrel heroes as a rogue group of mercs in opposition to Lex Luthor’s Secret Society of Supervillains, the Secret Six were a morally ambiguous group of characters that blended together with just the right chemistry thanks to writer Gail Simone.

The first recruit was Scandal Savage, daughter of the nearly-immortal Vandal Savage and a genius at organization. Then came Rag Doll, the borderline-psychotic, hyperjointed son of cult leader Peter Merkel, the original Ragdoll, followed by a nameless Parademon and Fiddler. Mercenaries Deadshot and Cheshire followed, and finally Catman closed the roster.
Since then the team has gone on several missions as a mercenary outfit, and have gone through several members as recruits quit, died, are fired, or are pushed off buildings.

It’s an amazing superheroes’ series, fresh, full of great moments and that knows how to mix perfectly the epic with the best humor, the writer has done one of their best work to characterize perfectly the characters and turning D-list villains into interesting ones.

☠ Reading Order ☠

Start with “Villains United” to learn the origin of this strange team, and then continue with the second volume. In between the second and the third volumes I’d recommend reading the “Birds of Prey” arc (I think this is optional, just to get some context).

If you want to start directly with the New 52 stuff, it’s up to you, but you’ll be missing a fun read!

☠ Villains United ☠
☠ Secret Six ☠
☠ Extras ☠

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