20.  The Future Man

21.  The Girl Who Leapt Through TIme

Future Daddy Cable loves Future Baby Hope, you guys.  But you can’t tell, ‘cause they’re both super-pissed about that Future Winter Snow at the moment.

A buddy of mine (who is also named Jake) asked me to draw a Cable, as did quite a few of you, dear followers.  So I did.  I could draw/watch/read this kind of Lone Wolf and Cub crap ALL DAY LONG.  It speaks to my paternal instincts.  Leaves me wanting to save the baby of my besieged feudal lord/fallen nemesis/doomed comrade/dying romantic rival and then PROTECT THE HELL OUT OF IT.  IN THE FUTURE.

Anyway.  I’m trying to finish ALL of my Marvel drawings this week so STAY TUNED.  It’s happening.

Cable created by Louise Simonson, Rob Liefeld and the 90’s.  Which were amazing.

Drawing by Jake Wyatt.


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