want to get geared up with some comics about matt murdock, claire temple, elektra natchios, and frank castle before daredevil season 2 airs on march 18? well, here you go! lots of love and thanks to @dawngreenwood for helping me put the elektra section together :’)

matt murdock

  • the man without fear 
    • matt’s origin story as reworked by frank miller
  • daredevil: yellow
    • the very early days of matt’s career as daredevil with lots of insight into the “original trio’s” dynamic
  • daredevil: season one
    • another re-telling of matt’s origin + a quicker summary of daredevil: yellow, so if you don’t feel like reading daredevil: yellow, this is a quicker breeze over it
  • daredevil – volume 1
    • this link only includes the born again arc, which deals heavily with fisk and karen.
  • daredevil – volume 2 
    • the tone of this entire volume is very similar to the tone of the show! start at issue #26, and skip shadowland entirely at the very end! special arcs to note are:
      • “out” (issues #32 – #40)
      • “lowlife” (issues #41 – #45)
      • “hardcore” (issues #46 – #50)
      • “the murdock papers” (issues #76 – #81)

claire temple

  • luke cage: hero for hire
    • claire’s first appearance in the marvel universe is in this volume where she meets luke and starts a relationship with him
  • luke cage: power man
    • essentially a continuation of hero for hire after issue #16 but it still follows claire and luke and their relationship together
  • power man & iron fist – volume 1
    • issues #78 – #100 heavily feature claire and her influence in the lives of luke cage and danny rand as they team up together

elektra natchios

  • the man without fear 
    • her origin thanks to frank miller
  • daredevil – volume 1
    • only issues #175 – #182 cover her return back into matt’s life and subsequently her death
    • issue #190 deals with her resurrection at the hand of, well, the hand
  • elektra: assassin
    • a mini-series that looks into elektra’s mindset and her past (trigger warnings: rape and incest)
  • wolverine – volume 1
    • issues #100 – #106 contain parts with elektra
  • daredevil – volume 2
    • “the murdock papers” (issues #76 – #81) arc has elektra in it, though it’s worth noting that this is NOT the real elektra but a skrull who has taken her place since this is around the time of secret invasion
  • elektra – volume 2
    • brian michael bendis writes this volume so if you like how he writes matt murdock + elektra’s appearances in daredevil, there’s a good chance you’ll like how he writes elektra in her solo
  • elektra – volume 3
    • her latest solo series which unfortunately didn’t last very long but definitely worth reading
  • thunderbolts – volume 2
    • elektra in a team setting from this 2013 series

frank castle

daredevil & punisher team-ups/fighting

  • daredevil vs. punisher
    • a six-issue mini-series that basically shows matt and frank fighting a lot, so DEFINITELY a good read before daredevil season 2
  • daredevil – volume 2
    • “the devil, inside and out” story arc, issues #82 – #87 where matt and frank are in prison together
  • the omega effect
    • this three part team-up arc also including spider-man and frank’s partner rachel cole-alves from 2011 takes place in avenging spider-man #6, the punisher #10, and daredevil #11
  • daredevil & punisher: seventh circle
    • a brand new mini-series that’s only released one issue so far and will most likely resemble the show fairly closely. so far, it’s pretty good, so definitely check out what’s out there already, and buy it if you like it!

bonus: the night nurse

  • night nurse
    • this mini-series doesn’t have claire temple as the main focus unfortunately, but if you like the concept of the night nurse and want to read more about what being the night nurse means, this is still worth a read! jessica jones, daredevil, luke cage, elektra, and black widow are also in it!

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